So much stuff it is overwhelming…..

When I first started in online marketing, the sheer amount of “stuff” about it was mind boggling. And when I say stuff, I mean everything from what not to do, to what to do, which scams to avoid, how to make millions overnight, etc.  There was no map or guide as to what you need to know and how you need to proceed. Fast forward to today and the problem has not gotten any better—in fact it has probably gotten worse because there’s been more time for more products,services, e-books, platforms and whatever else to arrive on the scene.

One of the things that I’m sure you’ve probably heard about is this thing called a sales funnel.  For the uninitiated, a sales funnel is just what it sounds like.  Its wide at the top and it narrows as you drive your leads towards conversion.  The point of the sales funnel is to essentially build credibility and trust as well as overcome objections as you guide your leads from initial contact to conversion.  It is a tried and true method, but does take some training and work to learn how to create effective sales funnels.

So how do you learn? Like most things, you can learn through trial and error, but that will probably take quite some time and a fair amount of money as you determine what works and what doesn’t.  There are systems like click funnels which is very good, but also ends up being pretty pricey.  Similar to Click Funnels,however is a much more budget friendly option that is also very good and provides un-matched value.  This platform is called The Conversion Pros.  The Conversion Pros is a comprehensive platform that allows you to create and customize as many sales funnels as you can AND it takes no more effort than setting up a social media profile.  I discuss The Conversion Pros in-depth in my overview and you can check it out for more info on the platform.

The intrinsic value behind a sales funnel is that it weeds out un-interested or unread prospects and spits out leads who are ready and willing to purchase whatever it is that you are selling.  This is critical to not wasting time on the wrong people and it gives you an opportunity to build trust and loyalty with prospects as well.  Now, you can get super complex with sales funnels, but we are going to focus on pretty basic functionality that anyone can implement.

Sales funnels also give you the ability to automate your sales process.  It can do so by capturing leads, qualifying leads, nurturing leads and ultimately converting leads all on automation.  In a good funnel system, a prospect can move through the entire process without ever picking up the phone to call you.  A seamless process that operates with little to no effort from you—now it is natural to be a part of the process, but it can operate on its own if need be.

The overall point of a sales funny is to help you operate more efficiently.  Whether that means being able to automate or ensuring you are spending your time with qualified prospects, an effective sales funnel is the foundation for making sales without constantly selling people.  If you are in online marketing, a sales funnel is a very important piece of your overall business—without it you are losing a lot of time and productivity.

I’m always interested in your thoughts or experience on the subject.  Drop a comment below!

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