I’m going to start this off by saying that when I tell you that this is how to make money on the internet, I am not implying that it is the only way.  There are many ways, but none as comprehensive and informational as this.

The Beginning

I am coming from the perspective of an inexperienced to moderately experienced internet marketer when I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Most people that are frantically looking for a way to make money on the internet are not experienced marketers, hence my focus on this segment for this overview.  Internet marketing is like the pacific ocean—teeming with options and wildlife.  So much so, that it is virtually impossible for a newbie to really discern fact from fiction.  The internet is still relatively new so its easy to pass oneself off as an expert without much of a track record.  This in conjunction with the fact that most “motivated” would-be internet marketers are also desperate to make cash as quickly as possible makes the internet marketing arena somewhat of a free-for-all.

As someone who went through this process myself, I understand how daunting and overwhelming the marketplace is.  I have seen and experienced many schemes and scams, but I have also hit on some exceptional products and services that can truly bring value to your journey as an internet marketer.  There are many of these products and services that we will talk about at a later time, but today I want to show you why the first place you want to start is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Focus & Direction

At the beginning of your journey, the single most important thing that you can have is focus and direction.  Because there is so much out there and so many competing voices with so many different products, services, training and systems….having real honest guidance and a focus on what to do is invaluable.  There are so many aspects of Wealthy Affiliate that are truly remarkable, but the direction and focus that it forces a beginner to have is the most important.

One Stop Shop

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training platform and vibrant community, where self-promotion takes a back seat to helping others achieve their goals.  A community where long-time members develop trainings for the success of others and help in various ways.  This platform gives you 99% of the tools you need in one place.  It also gives you a step by step roadmap to building a long-term sustainable online business.  It is not for those looking to make a ton of money right away, instead it is for those who have a desire to build transferrable skills in this industry.  It is meant for people who want to build a business and be able to replicate it many times over.

Like many platforms, Wealthy Affiliate operates as a two-tier service.  There is the free membership which is a great resource for beginners and the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are confident that you will upgrade to the premium membership to continue building your business into a profitable enterprise.  The premium membership is an absolute steal for all of the training, feedback and resources that it provides.

  • Want to learn how to build out a website?  Check
  • Want to learn how to conduct keyword research?  Check
  • What to learn how to get your site to rank in Google?  Check
  • Want to learn how to drive long-term traffic?  Check
  • Want to learn how to develop multiple online businesses?  Check

This is just a fraction of what you learn in the first few modules of Wealthy Affiliate.  This doesn’t even touch on the vast troves of experience and support that the Wealthy Affiliate community provides.  When you join the WA community, your progress and how much you accomplish is up to you.  You have the ability to go through the training modules at your own pace so that you truly gain an understanding of the concepts at play.

Where else can you get constructive feedback on your website or the content that you are publishing from a community of peers?  With so many people being focused on the wrong way to build an internet business, WA is focused on the right way to do it.  Build a niche, build authority and trust, build traffic, build engagement and convert!

Follow The Training

There is no better blueprint for success in this business—no matter what niche you go into, the foundational pieces are the same.  The concepts are the same.  What you build with the training at Wealthy Affiliate will be something that you can be proud of and that will move you towards your goals.  There are so many members who started with little or no ability and with the help of the training and the support of the community, have built successful online businesses. No, they weren’t built overnight, but they were built to endure.

Consistency Is Key

Beyond all of the awesome resources at Wealthy Affiliate, the key to success is really about consistency and your willingness to learn and implement new things.  When you commit to this, you will undoubtedly learn a plethora of new skills that will be transferrable across the online space.  Building an online business will become second nature and you will find yourself building business after business in various niches.  With the right mindset and the proper expectations, this is a roadmap to success for anybody.

Get Started

The only thing that can stop you from achieving your goals is you.  If you truly want to know how to make money on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate will show you the ins and outs.  Get started with the free membership so that you can start building your foundation.  You will learn so much and accomplish more than you thought possible…..let’s start building your online business.  Don’t let 6 months go by without having done anything.  Wealthy Affiliate will set you on the right course and give you the proper milestones to make sure that you make the necessary progress.You can click here or the WA logo below to embark upon your new journey!

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2 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate: This Is How To Make Money On The Internet”

  1. What a great article on Wealthy Affiliate!
    You did a good job presenting the platform to the audience.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be for anyone who is interested in starting a business online.
    Keep up the good work in spreading the word!
    And I completely agree with you – consistency is the key to success!

    1. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your feedback. Yes, there is no better platform that WA in my opinion. You just can’t beat everything that it offers. If people are willing to learn and work hard, success will be in their future.

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